Rabbi Avram Block

Rabbi Avram Block

Zionism Then and Now: The Jewish People and the Promised Land Throughout History

Date: Sunday, Dec 13, 2015

Great Debates in Jewish History:The Legal, Philosophical & Ideological Debates of Jewish History’s Most Celebrated Figures

Megillat Esther: Survival and Strategy in the Persian Court

Seder Sensation: Making the Haggada Relevant for the Whole Family
Cognition & Comittment: The Teshuva Process & the Psychology of Change
Date: Sunday, Sep 18, 2016
Festival of Light or Festival of Might? Chanukah and the Exclusion of the Book of Maccabees from Tanach
Intricacy & Intrigue in the Persian Court: Themes in Megillat Esther
Tuesday, May 23 2017 27 Iyyar 5777