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Fight BDS: The 2016 Video that Went Viral


Flipping BDS On Its Head

The Best BDS Campaign You've Ever Seen

Posted by Young Israel of Jamaica Estates on Monday, March 28, 2016


Purim 2017


Unfortunately, efforts to delegitimize Israel have not stopped. Therefore, neither will we! 

(Click here to read about last year's successful anti-BDS mishloach manot campaign)

We have re-initiated a BDS-revised theme, turning BDS on its head (Buy Israeli, Deliver, Shalach Manot). The goal is to have as many organizations, prepare their Mishloach Manot packages exclusively with Israeli made products. Last year, over 60 shuls from across North America participated in this campaign leading to over 9000 packages containing only Israeli products. We know that the impact of so many organizations buying so many items at about the same time was felt in Israel as many vendors expressed their appreciation. Last year we made an impact. This year we want to send an even stronger and louder message to our brothers and sisters in Israel; letting them know that we are fighting this battle together with them.

Simple participation details:

1-If you are interested in participating, please email us, at  In the email subject line, please state your institution’s name and indicate how many  packages, filled with Israeli made products,  you will be preparing. This information is  important as it allows us to stay united and keep an accurate tab of our impact.

2- Please share this post on Facebook and encourage others to join in.  Let's encourage all organizations and people to buy Israeli products this purim;  colleges, schools, synagogues, community centers, stores, newspapers, etc.  Your help in spreading the word is instrumental to the success of our joint efforts.  

3- Click the link below for a downloadable, high-resolution image of  an Anti-BDS logo to include on your Israel made packages which will let recipients know that they have joined a nationwide project to combat BDS. If your institution desires to participate in this endeavor, feel free to make use of this logo as you wish.

4-On the sidebar to the right is a list of vendors that can provide you with Israeli-made products for your Purim packages.  Some of these vendors have supplied us with active coupon codes for you to apply to your Purim orders.  Throughout the months before Purim, we will continually update this webpage with new vendors and coupon codes.  Please periodically check it out for options.

The YIJE Purim committee is looking forward to fighting BDS with you!


To download the image below simply drag it to your desktop.

Mon, May 25 2020 2 Sivan 5780