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Kol Nidre 2019

Yom Kippur Appeals
Please enter your pledge for Kol Nidre. This amount goes for the shul's operating expenses

Please enter your pledge for Yom Kippur Yizkor. These funds are used by the Rabbi's discretionary fund to help persons in need

Dear Friends,

Each year on Yom Kippur, we focus our attention and direct our energy to Tefilla, Teshuva and Tzeddaka. We join together in Shul in Tefilla, we pursue our individual and communal course of Teshuva, and we contribute funds to Tzeddaka.

At the Young Israel of Jamaica Estates, as a community, on Yom Kippur we devote the "Kol Nidre Appeal" to the Shul and the "Yizkor Appeal" to the Gemillat Chessed (Loan and Tzeddaka) Fund. The monetary contributions we make at this time demonstrate our gratitude to Hashem for His past blessings, and recognition of our responsibility to share these blessings with the community at large and to individuals in need.

The reality is that membership dues do not cover even one third of our operating expenses. The Kol Nidre Appeal is the Shul's single largest appeal. Accordingly, its success is critical to the Shul's financial well-being.  YIJE is the central community center and core of our wonderful neighborhood and continues to be a central part of our spiritual growth. It can only flourish, however, with financial support from all of us. The annual Kol Nidre Appeal is of vital importance to our Shul.

The Yizkor Appeal is the only fundraiser for the Gemillat Chessed Fund, which enables the Rabbi to discreetly help those in need.

In the spirit of elevating the spiritual level of our davening on Kol Nidre night and Yom Kippur day, we would once again like to have successful but silent Yom Kippur appeals. In keeping with our past policy, if the advance response is sufficient, then open appeals will not take place. We are therefore asking for your assistance in formulating your pledges, and responding as quickly as possible.

Contributions for both appeals may be made directly on this form. Alternatively, please mail your response to the YIJE office, call the office at any time (even during non-business hours) and leave a message for Dora, or e-mail to

Thank you in advance, and may we all enjoy health and happiness in the coming year.

כתיבה וחתימה טובה!

Respectfully ,

Sam Herskowitz
for the Appeals Committee
and the Board of Directors

Fri, April 10 2020 16 Nisan 5780