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PURIM 5776 


How often do we see Israel attacked and feel helpless to do anything about it? Innocent Israelis are attacked walking the streets, missiles are launched from Gaza or from Lebanon and then when the IDF responds, Israel is attacked again in the media.  Here in America, there is not much we can do in response to these attacks other than grow increasingly frustrated.  

There is another attack on Israel taking place in the form of BDS. This movement seeks to undermine Israel’s very existence and attempts to damage the Israeli economy. This is an attack that we in the United States have an opportunity to counter. 

The YIJE Purim Committee is asking all shuls to unite and prepare their mishloach manot in the theme of supporting Israeli commerce.  We have initiated a BDS-revised theme, (Buy Israeli, Deliver, Shalach Manot).  The goal is to have as many shuls as possible prepare and package their Mishloach Manot exclusively with products that are made in Israel.  We hope that the impact of so many shuls buying so many items at about the same time will be big enough to be felt in Israel. At the very least, it will send a message to our brothers and sisters in Israel that we are with them.

Participation is simple; either order products directly from Israel or just go to your local supermarket and order Israeli made goods that you desire to include in your Shul packages. 

In addition, we are supplying a BDS-revised-logo tag to include on the Shul mishloach manot packages that are participating in this project. You can see a sample of this logo on our website at This tag will be provided free of charge on behalf of YIJE. The tag  will let recipients know that they have played a small role in combating BDS. 

If your shul desires to participate in this endeavor, please contact us ASAP. The deadline is February 15, 2016. Please email the YIJE Purim Committee at: and place in the subject matter "your Shul name, & we join you in the project!"   Please indicate how many packages you will be preparing so that we can order the correct amount of tags for your Shul. 

The YIJE Purim committee is looking forward to this joint venture with your shul! 

(11/18/14) We are so far away from our brothers and sisters in Israel, yet we share in the outpouring of pain and grief. Here are some links to sites that are raising funds to support the orphaned families of the victims who were murdered in the terror attack in Har Nof:


Tue, August 21 2018 10 Elul 5778